For Practices

Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility/ART

REI-certified and experienced nurse/nurse practitioner support provided on a per-diem or contract basis (US and international). On-site staffing from 1 day to 6 weeks; extensions are negotiable according to individual practice needs and requirements. Fees set according to length of contract and level of services required.

• Staffing coverage for vacations, parental leaves, extended illness, educational LOAs, attendance at professional meetings, etc.
• Experienced RN/NP coverage while recruiting permanent staff
• Specific to REI / ART practices

Clinical Patient Care

• New patient intake interviews
• Initiation of diagnostic plans per protocol
• Screening visits (i.e. Third Party programs)
• Pre-procedure H&Ps
• Tx protocol initiation and monitoring
• Medication orders
• Dx ultrasonography
 -follicular, early OB, basic GYN
• Patient call phone triage
• Patient call-backs with results and instructions
• Intra-uterine inseminations (IUI, TDI)
• GYN exams (Pap smears, cultures, etc.)
• OR-assist and post-op recovery:
 -egg retrievals
 -embryo transfers (ultrasound guidance)
 -GYN procedures
• Laboratory procedures per practice protocols:
 -semen prep for IUI/TDI
 -semen sample freezing
 -low-complexity semen analysis
• Phlebotomy
• IV therapy
• Medication administration

Patient Education

• Patient education
• Treatment protocol teaching
• Protocol calendar development
• Medication teaching
​• Pre-op counseling
• Patient call phone triage
• Patient call-backs with results and instructions

Staff Education

• On-site teaching:
 -Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility
 -Interpreting lab results
 -ART procedures
 -Medications used in the REI setting
• Tutoring towards successful completion of ASRM
  (American Society for Reproductive Medicine)
   courses:  NURCC001 and MD072

Research Support

• Clinical trial design and management
• Research reporting (per local guidelines)
• Project management
• Data management
• Medical writing
• Patient screening and assessments

Practice Management

• SART/CDC reports
• Practice start-ups and expansions
• Satellite coordination
• Supply and medication inventory

For Patients

Patients With Issues Affecting Their Fertility

Answers to your questions by a veteran Nurse Practitioner. We do not provide medical advice.
We are happy to receive your inquiry and will then…

• provide information to basic fertility questions
​• provide references on how and where to find additional information
• provide contact information for support groups, fertility specialists, therapists & reproductive attorneys in your area
• conduct an individualized “case review” and identify potential gaps to discuss with your physician/care-provider
• set up a phone consultation if desired
• provide other requested support (within allowable guidelines)
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To discuss our abilities to meet your practice needs, email:, or
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